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This is a cozy lounge room in the attic of a home that was completed by us. This ``full-color RENDER`` drawing shows you the Interior living room space and you can clearly see how the ceiling will be designed by the rendition of the pitched roofing that is in this space. We also get a sense of space with the furniture placement. Such a great space to just lounge in.


Modern bathroom remodel to show you the design and color placements with the tile material that will be used.
This ``full-color RENDER`` shows you the details in the new counter top for the master bathroom. It also shows gives an idea of how we will use the newly created bench in the shower area for seating and separation.


In this ``2-POINT PERSPECTIVE`` Kitchen remodel we place the oven on the far wall to create a grand presence in this kitchen. By depicting the subway tile for the backsplash the contractors refer to the drawing through the entire process to ensure construction is done to spec. Notice the chevron pattern that creates the unique look in this kitchen. Also, by drawing thick legs on the island it gives the island a great look that goes with the kitchen seamlessly completing the look in this space and also let's the carpenter know exactly what the client was looking for.


Drawings can be useful to every entity in a remodel or new build project for a variety of reasons.
For the contractors, an as-built drawing provides a clear record of the changes pursued in the interim stage of construction and makes it exponentially easier to clearly visualize the next step they must take and to do it to specification and client desire.
For the client, when starting any project, even before any walls are torn down or anything moved form the interior space, we highly suggest a drawing is made. Drawings for the clients gives a visual to what the space will look like well in advance. When drawings are presented to the contractor, they will use them as a visual map of the desired look and aesthetic. With everyone on the same page this a image map allows the work process to flow a lot smother, and 100% of the time leaves the client at ease.