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“Shelter In place” is what the local governments are asking everyone to do during the 2020 Coronaviurus pandemic. Yet, when one of our elderly customer called during the March month rains and said she was having escalated issues with her roofing, I just had to do something. We are scheduled to redesign her entire family room and also add all new roofing and shingles to her home, but that isn’t for another 3 months. Nevertheless, the emergency is today and I knew all my contractor partners were either busy or not doing any work and I didn’t want to bother my assistants and have them leave their homes, so I showed up to our clients home during a break in the rain to handle the problem for her.

After I made a quick run to the home improvement store to grab some flashing and other roofing materials, it was a quick fix for me and my trusty air compressor and staple gun that resulted in a happy customer.

I really love what we do.

~ Kassy